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At Contract Design, we provide our customers with all of the interior design tools and expertise needed to bring even the most demanding projects to life. If you have an idea, we'll help you express it. If you're looking for options, we'll provide them. We take pride in helping our clients develop and implement their interior design projects from start to finish.

Our extensive IN-HOUSE library of designs, fabrics, finishes, wallcoverings AND MORE is engineered to turn your thoughts and ideas into reality! Our experienced Interior Design Team can help complete your ideas with suggestions that will complement your core colors and finishes.

In addition, we are able to help fabricate custom furniture or systems furniture components to outfit any need. If your space is an issue, finding design solutions for uniquely shaped, oversized or otherwise hard to fit interior spaces is one of our specialties! Give us a call or drop us a note, and we'll show you first hand!

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